1. Report-Supporting named leads for health inequalities on NHS Boards

Last year, as part of its 3rd phase response to Covid-19, NHS England instructed all NHS Boards to appoint a lead for health inequalities. A report published by the NHS Race & Health Observatory in collaboration with The King’s Fund sets out five recommendations to assist the Board leads to make a difference and are outlined below:

  1. The creation of an induction offer for named Health Inequality leads, including role guides and examples of actions to be taken.
  2. The use of national and local action learning sets, which are already in place in some areas, for named Health Inequality leads.
  3. The creation of a repository of high-quality evidence, knowledge resources, methods and regularly updated case studies that reflect the progress that’s being made.
  4. Commitment to a long-term policy focus and a cross-government strategy that places addressing inequalities at the heart of system development.
  5. An enabling accountability framework that puts inequalities on an equal footing with the most important performance metrics and encourages innovation and experimentation to reflect the complex nature of inequalities.

This report follows the publication of a report by these two organisations in June 2021 titled “Ethnic health inequalities and the NHS” calling for action in the wake of the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on BME communities which in turn shone a light on the enduring health inequalities.

Only time will tell if this will make any difference, but we wouldn’t recommend you hold your breath!

2. Dr Lyfar-Cisse invited to speak at Westminster Health Forum Policy Conference

Dr Lyfar-Cissé has been invited by Westminster Health Forum to speak at its conference on 12 January 2022 titled “Next Steps for supporting the health workforce”. Given events over the last year we are sure she will have much to say about the approach of NHS leaders regarding this very important issue. The agenda for the meeting can be found here. 

May we encourage you to seek funding from your organisation to attend and contribute to the discussions on the day.