1. Equality and Human Rights Commission Annual Report 2021-2022

The EHRC published its annual report on 20 July 2022 and states:

“Our annual report and accounts includes: 

  • forewords from our Chairwoman and Chief Executive looking back over the last year
  • performance summary and examples of some of the impact we have had
  • information from our accountability and corporate governance
  • information about our pay and staff
  • a statement of our accounts from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022”

A worthwhile read!

2. NHS BME Network-Way Forward

 Dear Members

Please be advised that over the next couple of months we the executives will be focusing our attention on completing the NHS BME Network’s strategy to ensure that we are best placed to challenge the system concerning its continued failure to deliver on its statutory obligations concerning race equality.

We have therefore taken the decision that during this time we will send out our Friday messages every few weeks unless there is an item that we believe needs to be reported in a timely manner.

Once our strategy is completed, we will return to sending out our Friday messages on a weekly basis.

That said, it is noteworthy that on 25 July 2022 the HSJ reported that at its roundtable event, to mark the publication of its annual ranking of the NHS’ “top 50 trust chief executives”, some of the Chief Executives reported that a lack of accountability is causing the quality of NHS services to crumble.  The article also stated that:

“The most strongly worded contribution came from Milton Keynes University Hospital Foundation Trust chief executive Joe Harrison.He told the roundtable” “I’m really concerned about where we are as an NHS. I think we’re in danger of all sitting around the campfire singing ‘kumbaya’ as the Titanic sinks.We are presiding over a failing
NHS. There’s no question about it. And if we carry on like this, people have every right to say ‘what on earth are we spending £150bn on?”

To this we reiterate our longstanding position that it has been the lack of accountability for decades, not just now, that has been the main reason the NHS has failed to deliver on its statutory obligations concerning race equality to the detriment of BME staff and patients.

Clearly, we need our strategy now more than ever!

 NHS BME Network
Executive Committee