1. EHRC Report -Equality and Human Rights Monitor 2023

A report with the above title was published by the EHRC on 16 November 2023. The Introduction to the report reads:

“The Equality and Human Rights Commission is Britain’s equality regulator and a UN-accredited A-status national human rights institution. This report is our comprehensive five-year review of how Britain is performing on equality and human rights. 

This report looks across all areas of life since 2018, including:

    • education
    • work
    • living standards
    • health
    • justice
    • security 
    • participation in society

It outlines how equality and human rights protections have developed. It also identifies where there have been improvements or deteriorations in the outcomes experienced by people with the different characteristics protected in the Equality Act 2010. 

This report meets our statutory duty to report on progress on equality and human rights. Crucially, using a robust, data driven approach, it identifies the issues that governments must address to meet the challenges of the next five years.” 

We will be considering this report in detail as we plan to complete our five year strategy early in 2024. May we encourage you to take the time to consider its content too!

  1. The ‘PIP’ study-Request for Participants

Message from Dr Frances Mielewczyk

“This study is about the say parents have in decisions about whether their baby might need to be born 2-6 weeks early. While parents are usually given information about the choices, many feel they have too little input to the decision. We would like to know more about why they feel like this.

So we are asking parents, obstetricians and midwives who have been involved in such decisions in the past six months about their views and experiences.

If you are interested in taking part, or would like to talk to us about the study, please contact Dr Frances Mielewczyk – fjm13@le.ac.uk; (0116) 252 5468”.

A link to associated documents can be found here.

Given the evidence that BME women are not always receiving maternity services that meet their needs we wanted to support this study and hope you will do if applicable.