Delivering our Priorities

  • Elimination of Racial Discrimination

This year we are planning on carrying out a number of initiatives across the NHS to get a picture of the NHS delivery on race equality as defined by the Equality Act 2010.  These include:

Conducting an independent audit on the delivery of the Equality Delivery System within the NHS

Working in partnership with other organisations whose core objectives is to delivery race equality

Being a critical friend to the NHS on its delivery of race equality as defined in the constitution

  • Delivering Quality Services to BME People

The reverse commissioning programme has been piloted sucessfully in 2012 by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.  The outcome of the Brighton and Sussex Univrsity Hospital NHS Trust pilot has been:

Patients who have completed the programme are empowered to actively participate in their care and treatment

The Trust led by the Chief Executive Office and the Project Lead Vivienne Lyfar- Cissee have agreed to the patients request to form a Patient’s forum which will be a conduit between the Trust and BME community

The Project Lead will further engage with all BME communities in the Brighton and Hove area to ensure that the new structure reflects the aspirations of the who BME communities.  There will be further opportunities for those who did not engage in the original process to engage.

Further work is planned to engage patients in other directorates

There is clinical engagement in the process including the Trust Medical Director and the Clinical Commissioning Groups

  • Personal and Professional Development for BME Staff

The NHS BME Network are in the process of planning a National Conference for 2013.  The National Executive Committee have been working hard to put together a theme, programme and identify speakers for the conference.  The conference will reflect the priorities and will aim to empower local network to deliver local action.

  • Developing Local BME Networks

This year the Executive Committe has agreed to work with a total of 25 local networks as part of a pilot to establish best working relationships.  To date nineteen NHS Local networks have been recruited.  We are looking to recruit a further five networks.  As part of the pilot local networks will be graded as:



Under developed

Depending on the assessment the national team will work with the Local team to agree a development plan and agree the level of support required.

This will ensure that we build our capacity to meet our core objectives at a local and national level.