Our Priorities

The overall priorities for the Network are outlined below and will be outlined in more detail in the Network’s three year action plan 2014-2017) is currently under development

  • Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The NHS BME Network will strive to have race equality recognised as core business by NHS organisations and for senior leaders to commit to making available the necessary resources to make this happen. Where non-compliance is evident the Network will place pressure on the Department of Health; NHS England; Public Health England, Local Authorities and regulatory bodies to apply deterrent sanctions.

  • Delivering Quality Services to BME People

The NHS BME Network will strive to ensure that the NHS delivers services to meet the needs of BME people. This will include the promotion of “reverse commissioning” as a tool to effectively engage BME service users/patients and/or their carers

  • Personal and Professional Development for BME staff

The NHS BME Network will support local BME Networks to promote the personal and professional development of BME staff at all levels within the organisation. The Network will also support positive action programmes to increase the number of BME staff in management positions and campaign to remove the barriers evident in the recruitment, development and promotion of BME staff

  • Developing Local BME Networks (Staff and Patients)

The NHS BME Network will support the development of Local BME Networks/Forum and support and empower members once established. The Executive Committee has decided that this year (2014) it will select a number of BME Networks with which to pilot how best the support can be delivered.