Exclusive: Muslim Medics Taunted About Bacon And Alcohol – By Their Own NHS Colleagues | HuffPost UK

Muslim NHS workers have told HuffPost UK how Islamophobia is rife in the organisation, with their own colleagues making disgraceful comments and denying them opportunities to progress or even socialise.



This report commissioned by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights is the first of its kind and highlights in the main that black people do not believe they are treated equally to white people by the NHS.



Report finds BME Covid-19 deaths in the West Midlands were probably avoidable with a number of harrowing testimonies.


Runnymede COVID-19 Survey Report v2 August 2020

Report found that 50% Bangladeshi; 42% Pakistani and 41% Black African key worker respondents reported they had not been supplied with adequate PPE. Furthermore, BME people were more likely to feel they were being given tasks that exposed them to the virus and to say that had been ignored after raising concerns about safety.


Letter from NHS England to NHS Leaders published 31 July 2020

Letter outlines the third phase of the NHS response to COVID-19 effective from 1 August 2020 which includes a requirement for Trusts to publish action plans to ensure its leaders are representative of the BME Workforce by 2025. In addition, it also sets out how the NHS Leaders and General Practitioners are required to address health inequalities and prevention.


NHS People Plan 2020/21-published 30 July 2020

Sets out the requirements for how NHS people should be treated including the need to address the racial discrimination of BME staff.


Letter from NHS England to NHS Leaders published 24 June 2020

Letter calls for NHS Leaders to undertake risk assessments of their staff that are most at risk within 4 weeks of the date of the letter.


Government TOR Covid -19 Disparities published June 2020

The Government has set out its TOR regarding the next steps for work on Covid-19 disparities.



Report documents the feedback from BME Stakeholders in an attempt to understand the impact of COVID-19 on BME groups. This section was withheld by the Government when the report was first published on 2 June 2020.


PHE Disparities Review published 2 June 2020

A review by PHE has confirmed the findings of ONS that BME groups are at a higher risk of dying from coronavirus even when certain known risk factors are accounted for. However, the report despite its TOR makes no recommendations as to what should be done to address…


ONS Report published 7 May 2020

The Office for National Statistics undertook a study comparing deaths where the coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate and found that BME ethnic groups are at a higher risk than White ethnic groups.


Marmot Review 10 years on -February 2020

This review looks at the Nation’s health since the Marmot Review in 2010 and has found a worsening health picture in England for all people, which is even worse for minority ethnic population groups and people with disabilities.


NHS Confed Report -Chairs and NEDs in the NHS published June 2019

Report shows that Chairs and Non-Executive Directors of NHS Trusts from a BME background has nearly halved in the last decade from 15% in April 2010 to 8% in 2019.


NHS England Report-A fair experience for all-July 2019

Report sets out the target for NHS Trusts to close the ethnicity gap in rates of disciplinary action across the NHS Workforce.


Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2018/2019 by CQC

CQC highlights its findings as a result of its MHA monitoring visits in 2018/2019.


EHRC- A Roadmap to Race Equality-October 2017

EHRC and other interested parties to provide a response to the Government’s Race Disparity Audit which clearly shows that ethnicity has a significant and persistent impact on the chance to succeed to the detriment of BME people


EHRC-Healing A Divided Britain -2016

Details a review into race inequality in Great Britain and calls for a need for a comprehensive race equality strategy



Editor of Health Service Journal (HSJ) in response to the SEC BME Network Race Equality Review Report outlines why it is necessary for management to do more to ensure the NHS is free of racism.


HSJ Article re Dr Lyfar-Cisse-Race Equality Report

Health Service Journal (HSJ) given exclusively coverage of the SEC BME Network Race Equality Review Report the first of its kind.


South East Coast BME Network Race Equality Review

The report, the first of its kind, analysed workforce data for the then 27 NHS organisations in the South East Coast (SEC) and reveals the widespread disadvantages faced by BME staff concerning recruitment, bullying and harassment, disciplinaries and AfC paybands.


Breaking the Circle of Fear-2002

Report is a review of the relationship between mental health services and African and Caribbean Communities.